• Image of PurpWalk FurStripe ThrashWear (34mm)

BeastPants Fingerboards are hand crafted in Los Angeles, CA. All BeastPants decks are uniquely designed from scratch, making each board a one of a kind work of art.

This deck features a ThrashWear graphic. While split plies practically last forever, ThrashWear graphics are made to be shredded like a real skateboard. After years of testing and collaborating with my piers I'm finally happy to come upon a graphic technique that wears nicely while at the same time allows for limited runs of different graphics and color ways. A very limited run of this graphic in this color way will ever be made. Once they're gone, they're gone.

A fingerboard is a precious little object full of limitless creative possibilities. Each BeastPants deck is a celebration of the imagination that fingerboarders throughout the world possess.

You get: The deck pictured, 1 sheet of foam grip and some stickers.

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